Run Technique Coaching

Detailed Video Analysis

Good Run FormGood Form and Overstriding Animations
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Running Stride Analysis--Jonathan Lopez        (Click link for full-size video)

Analysis of an efficient runner's stride.  Jonathan runs a 2:48 marathon.


Running Stride Analysis--Brannen

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Stride analysis with suggestions for improvement. Brannen runs a 3:23 marathon.

I attended Brian's running clinic because of re-occurring knee pain caused by the IT band. I'd done lots of physical therapy to fix this issue and at first it worked. But then one year later it returned, and this time much worse...up to point that I could barely bend my knee.

Brian analyzed my stride, taught me how to correct it, explained the importance of cadence, correct body posture, etc...

A week later I ran/jogged the Petco Half marathon, without pain, as long as I did what Brian taught me. At times I would feel the pain return and I knew I was messing up somewhere. I focused and the pain went away.

After that I did two more half marathons, and several triathlons (sprint and Olympic distance).  I was able to fulfill my goal for 2012 which was to complete a 1/2 ironman, finishing  Orangeman 70.3 on Sept. 23rd.  I am now training for a marathon.

I can't tell you how happy I am to run pain-free.
Thank you so much Brian!!!!

---Maggie Henry

Gait Analysis and Technique Coaching

Proper running form not only will make you faster and more efficient, but will also help prevent injuries.  Most fast runners have the same basic stride characteristics.  Brian will help you adopt the same techniques. 

 Things we'll cover:

We'll also show you the fastest and most efficient techniques to use on uphills and downhills.  Plus, you'll learn the appropriate speeds and distances to run intervals, as well as stretches to help prevent aches and injuries.

Gait Analysis

During each one-hour session, Brian will help you perfect your stride.  He'll video record you running, analyze your stride in real time, and then show you how to fix flaws.

He'll patiently break down your gait into easy-to-grasp steps, and give you drills to build strength, flexibility, and muscle memory. 

While some intermediates will find just one or two sessions for a tune-up, many people make this a weekly session for a couple of months.  This allows us to build on progress and truly perfect your stride.

Group and Corporate Clinics 

Help build morale and improve health and fitness by training with your co-workers. Brian will teach group lessons customized for your team's needs. He'll also provide a full training plan leading up to a race. 


Workouts are generally near the Zurich Zoo along Lake Zurich, or on the Limmat River trail, but other locations are available, including on-site lessons for corporate groups.